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SRS One-Click-Root 3.2



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SRS One-Click-Root 3.2

Post by trust4ever83 on Thu Feb 14, 2013 3:42 pm

Phones Rooted by SRSRoot: 1730 (Success Rate: 62.2%)

Tested models by SRSRoot:
Brand Model Build ID Version Platform

Acer Liquid Acer_LiquidE_1.100.24_EMEA_C4F 2.1-update1 qsd8k
alps BP-I9300 ALPS.GB2.MP.V2.18 2.3.6
alps Cynus T2 ALPS.ICS2.MP.V1 4.0.4
alps GT-I93000 IMM76D.I93000ZSALED.9P017.6628 4.1.1
alps GT-S5830 ALPS.GB2.MP.V2.18 2.3.6
alps i-mobile i-style Q3 ALPS.ICS2.MP.V1 4.0.4
alps i-mobile i-style Q6 ALPS.ICS2.6577.SP.V1 4.0.4
alps iPhone5 ALPS.ICS2.MP.V1.20 4.1.5
alps I_7520 ALPS.ICS.MP.V1.11 4.0.3
alps Note3 Note3_Dualcore1.4_1GRAM 4.1.4
asus ME171 IML74K.WW_epad-V9.0.18-20120918 4.0.3 msm8660
COBY MID7034 IML74K 4.0.3 tcc892x
Dell Inc. Dell Streak 7 HTJ85B 3.2 tegra
Freescale SABRESD-MX6DQ R13.4-beta 4.0.4 imx6
garmin-asus Garmin-Asus A50 ERE27 2.1-update1 msm7k
GT-N7100 GT-N7100 ALPS.ICS2.MP.V1.3 4.1.1 SMDK4x12
HTC Desire HD GRI40 2.3.3 msm7x30
HTC EVO 2.13.651.1 710RD 4.0.4 msm8960
HTC HTC ChaCha A810e GRI40 2.3.3 msm7k
HTC HTC Desire FRF91 2.2 qsd8k
HTC HTC Desire FRG83G 2.2.2 qsd8k
HTC HTC Desire GRI40 2.3.3 qsd8k
HTC HTC Desire HD A9191 GRJ90 2.3.5 msm7x30
HTC HTC Desire S GRI40 2.3.3 msm7x30
HTC HTC Desire S IMM76D 4.0.4 msm7x30
HTC HTC EVO 3D X515m GRJ22 2.3.4 msm8660
HTC HTC Incredible S GRI40 2.3.3 msm7x30
HTC HTC Legend ERD79 2.1 msm7k
HTC HTC One S IML74K 4.0.3 msm8960
HTC HTC One X IML74K 4.0.3 tegra
HTC HTC One X JRO03C 4.1.1 tegra
HTC HTC Rhyme S510b GRJ90 2.3.5 msm7x30
HTC HTC Sensation 4G GRJ22 2.3.4 msm8660
HTC HTC Sensation 4G IML74K 4.0.3 msm8660
HTC HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Z715e GRJ22 2.3.4 msm8660
HTC HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Z715e IML74K 4.0.3 msm8660
HTC HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio X315e IML74K 4.0.3 msm7x30
HTC HTC Sensation Z710e IML74K 4.0.3 msm8660
HTC HTC Vision FRG83D 2.2.1 msm7x30
HTC HTC Vision GRI40 2.3.3 msm7x30
HTC HTC Wildfire FRG83D 2.2.1 msm7k
HTC HTC Wildfire S A510e GRI40 2.3.3 msm7k
HTC HTC-Z710a IML74K 4.0.3 msm8660
HTC Nexus One GRK39F 2.3.6 qsd8k
HUAWEI 007HW U8850 V100R001C111B236SP16 2.3.5 msm7k
HUAWEI C8500S C8500SV100R001C92B633 2.2.2 msm7k
HUAWEI C8650 C8650V100R001C92B851SP02 2.3.3 msm7k
HUAWEI C8650 C8650V100R001C92B855 2.3.3 msm7k
HUAWEI C8650 C8650V100R001C92B879 2.3.3 msm7k
HUAWEI HUAWEI C8810 C8810V100R001C92B862 2.3.6 msm7k
HUAWEI HUAWEI G510-0010 G510-0010V100R001C17B168 4.1.1 msm7627a
HUAWEI HUAWEI U8815 U8815V100R001C02B936 4.0.3 msm7627a
HUAWEI HUAWEI U8950-1 U8950-1V100R001C00B948 4.0.4 msm7627a
HUAWEI HUAWEI Y210-0010 Y210-0010V100R001C17B823 2.3.6 msm7k
HUAWEI Ideos U8150V100R001C238B832SP04 2.2 msm7k
HUAWEI IDEOS S7 S7V100R001C63B110 2.2.2 qsd8k
HUAWEI MediaPad 7 Lite S7-931uV100R001C161B001 4.0.3 rk29xx
HUAWEI MediaPad 7 Lite S7-931uV100R001C001B019SP13 4.0.3 rk29xx
HUAWEI MediaPad 7 Lite S7-931uV100R001C233B002 4.0.3 rk29xx
HUAWEI T8620 T8620V100R001CHNC01B912 4.0.3 MT6515
HUAWEI U8110 U8110V100R001C277B281 2.1-update1 msm7k
HUAWEI U8180 U8180V100R001C356B658 2.2.2 msm7k
HUAWEI U8180 U8180V100R001C85B631 2.2.2 msm7k
HUAWEI U8500 U8500V100R001C17B281 2.1-update1 msm7k
HUAWEI U9200 U9200-1V100R001C00B226 4.0.3 omap4
HUAWEI Vodafone 858 U8160V100R001C02B617 2.2.1 msm7k
HUAWEI Vodafone 858 U8160V100R001C02B638SP01 2.2.2 msm7k
HUAWEI Vodafone 858 U8160V100R001C02B650 2.2.2 msm7k
iBall iBall Andi4.3J iBall_Andi4.3J _V5.7_2012-10-25 4.0.4
KTTech KM-S120 GINGERBREAD 2.3.4 msm7k
LENOVO Lenovo P700i P700i_ROW_S106_121001 4.0.4
LGE LG-E610 IML74K 4.0.3 msm7627a
LGE LG-E610v IML74K 4.0.3 msm7627a
LGE LG-E612 IML74K 4.0.3 msm7627a
LGE LG-E612f IML74K 4.0.3 msm7627a
LGE LG-E612g IML74K 4.0.3 msm7627a
LGE LG-E617G IML74K 4.0.3 msm7627a
LGE LG-P705 IML74K 4.0.3 msm7627a
LGE LG-P760 IMM76L 4.0.4 omap4
LGE LG-P768 IMM76L 4.0.4 omap4
LGE LG-P769 IMM76L 4.0.4 omap4
LGE LG-P880 IML74K 4.0.3 tegra
LGE LG-SU660 IMM76L.LG-SU660-V30c.1209211340 4.0.4 tegra
LGE LG-SU760 ICS 4.0.4 omap4
LGE LS670 ZVH.41FEDAD5 2.3.3 msm7k
MEDIADROID MT7005 MT7005 20130112-091352 4.0.4 MT77_H953_ICS
motorola DROID3 5.5.1_84_D3G-55 2.3.4 omap4
motorola MB501 CUPCAKE.1.32.24 1.5
motorola MB502 BASIL_U3_02.60.5 2.1-update1 omap3
motorola MB502 baseM_U3_01.12.0 2.1-update1 omap3
motorola MB502 BASIL_U3_03.90.7 2.1-update1 omap3
motorola MB525 3.4.2-107_JDNL-9 2.2.1 omap3
motorola MB525 3.4.2-164 2.2.2 omap3
motorola MB525 JOREM_U3_3.4.2_179-2 2.2.2 omap3
motorola MB525 JOREM_U3_3.4.2_179-6 2.2.2 omap3
motorola MB525 JOREM_U3_3.4.2_179-6.1 2.2.2 omap3
motorola MB525 JOREM_U3_3.4.2_179-4.4 2.2.2 omap3
motorola MB526 4.5.2-51_DFL-50 2.3.5 omap3
ONDA ONDA MID ICS.g12refM803A1.20120823 4.0.3 meson6
PANTECH IM-A800S IMM76I 4.0.4 msm8660
PANTECH IM-A840S IMM76I 4.0.4 msm8960
Philips W626 Philips_W626Re_1224_V22_RU 2.3.5
QMobile A2 ALPS.GB2.MP.V2.2 2.3.6
QMobile A6 ALPS.ICS.MP.V2.3 4.0.4
samsung Galaxy Nexus ITL41F 4.0.1 omap4
samsung Galaxy Nexus ITL41F.I9250XEKK9 4.0.1 omap4
samsung Galaxy Nexus ITL41F.I9250XWKK9 4.0.1 omap4
samsung Galaxy Nexus ICL53F.I9250XWKL2 4.0.2 omap4
samsung Galaxy Nexus ICL53F.M420KREL08 4.0.2 omap4
samsung Galaxy Nexus ICL53F 4.0.2 omap4
samsung Galaxy Nexus JRO03C.I9250XWLH2 4.1.1 omap4
samsung GT-B5510 GINGERBREAD.XXLB1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-B5510 GINGERBREAD.BVLH1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-B5510 GIhttp://wBVLD1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-B5510 GINGERBREAD.XXLH4 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-B5510B GINGERBREAD.VIKJ1 2.3.5 bcm21553
samsung GT-B5512 GINGERBREAD.JPLI1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-B7510 FROYO.DDKC4 2.2.2 msm7k
samsung GT-I5500 FROYO.XWJQ3 2.2 msm7k
samsung GT-I5500 FROYO.XWJPJ 2.2 msm7k
Samsung GT-I5500L FROYO.UYJP2 2.2 msm7k
samsung GT-I5503 FROYO.JPJPA 2.2 msm7k
samsung GT-I5503T FROYO.DOJP4 2.2 msm7k
Samsung GT-I5700 ECLAIR.XXJD2 2.1-update1 s3c6410
samsung GT-I5800 ECLAIR 2.1-update1 s5p6442
samsung GT-I5800 FROYO.XWJPI 2.2 s5p6442
samsung GT-I5801 ECLAIR 2.1-update1 s5p6442
samsung GT-I5801 FROYO.ZHJPF 2.2 s5p6442
samsung GT-I8150 GINGERBREAD.XXKI8 2.3.5 msm7k
samsung GT-I8150 GINGERBREAD.XXLB4 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung GT-I8150 GINGERBREAD.JPLC1 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung GT-I8150 GINGERBREAD.XXLA2 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung GT-I8190 JRO03H.I8190XXALL2 4.1.1 montblanc
samsung GT-I8190 JRO03H.I8190XXALJL 4.1.1 montblanc
samsung GT-I9000 ECLAIR 2.1-update1 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 FROYO.XXJPK 2.2 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 FROYO.JPJPA 2.2 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 FROYO 2.2 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 FROYO.JHJP4 2.2 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 FROYO.JPJPM 2.2.1 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 FROYO.XXJPU 2.2.1 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 FROYO.XXJPY 2.2.1 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 GINGERBREAD.ZSJV6 2.3.3 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 GINGERBREAD.POJV7 2.3.3 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 GINGERBREAD.XXJVK 2.3.3 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 GINGERBREAD.JPJV6 2.3.3 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 GINGERBREAD.XWJVH 2.3.3 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 GINGERBREAD.DDJV9 2.3.3 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 GINGERBREAD.BUJVB 2.3.3 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 GINGERBREAD.JPJVC 2.3.4 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 GINGERBREAD.XXJVQ 2.3.4 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 GINGERBREAD.XXJVP 2.3.4 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 GINGERBREAD.NEJVK 2.3.5 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 GINGERBREAD.XXJVS 2.3.5 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 GINGERBREAD.XXJVT 2.3.5 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 GINGERBREAD.XWJVU 2.3.5 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 GINGERBREAD.BVJVC 2.3.5 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 GINGERBREAD.XXJVU 2.3.6 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 GINGERBREAD.XWJVZ 2.3.6 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 GINGERBREAD.DXJPE 2.3.6 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 GINGERBREAD.BUJVG 2.3.6 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000 GINGERBREAD.XWJW5 2.3.6 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000B FROYO.VJJPD 2.2 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000M FROYO.UGJL2 2.2 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000M GINGERBREAD.GKG3 2.3.3 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9000T ECLAIR 2.1-update1 s5pc110
samsung GT-I9001 GINGERBREAD.JPKG1 2.3.3 msm7k
samsung GT-I9001 GINGERBREAD.XXKF8 2.3.3 msm7k
samsung GT-I9001 GINGERBREAD.XXKG3 2.3.3 msm7k
samsung GT-I9001 GINGERBREAD.DXKG2 2.3.3 msm7k
samsung GT-I9001 GINGERBREAD.BUKG1 2.3.3 msm7k
samsung GT-I9001 GINGERBREAD.XXKP4 2.3.4 msm7k
samsung GT-I9001 GINGERBREAD.XXKPG 2.3.5 msm7k
samsung GT-I9001 GINGERBREAD.BVKPC 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung GT-I9003 FROYO.XWKE1 2.2.1 omap3
samsung GT-I9003 FROYO.XXKB3 2.2.1 omap3
samsung GT-I9003 FROYO.JPKD1 2.2.1 omap3
samsung GT-I9003 FROYO.DXKF1 2.2.1 omap3
samsung GT-I9003 FROYO.XXKB1 2.2.1 omap3
samsung GT-I9003 FROYO.XWKB1 2.2.1 omap3
samsung GT-I9003 FROYO.BGKB3 2.2.1 omap3
samsung GT-I9003 FROYO.XWKD5 2.2.1 omap3
samsung GT-I9003 FROYO.DXKE1 2.2.1 omap3
samsung GT-I9003 FROYO.JVKD1 2.2.1 omap3
samsung GT-I9003 FROYO.DXKB2 2.2.1 omap3
samsung GT-I9003 GINGERBREAD.JPKP5 2.3.4 omap3
samsung GT-I9003 GINGERBREAD.XXKPN 2.3.5 omap3
samsung GT-I9003 GINGERBREAD.POKP4 2.3.5 omap3
samsung GT-I9003 GINGERBREAD.DDLF2 2.3.6 omap3
samsung GT-I9003 GINGERBREAD.XXKPQ 2.3.6 omap3
samsung GT-I9070 GINGERBREAD.XXLD1 2.3.6 ux500
samsung GT-I9070 GINGERBREAD.BULE2 2.3.6 ux500
samsung GT-I9070 GINGERBREAD.UBLK1 2.3.6 ux500
samsung GT-I9070 GINGERBREAD.JPLK2 2.3.6 ux500
samsung GT-I9070 GINGERBREAD.BULK1 2.3.6 ux500
samsung GT-I9070P GINGERBREAD.BVLK2 2.3.6 ux500
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.JPKF3 2.3.3 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.XXKF2 2.3.3 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.XXKE4 2.3.3 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.BOKG2 2.3.3 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.XEKDB 2.3.3 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.XWKF3 2.3.3 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.BOKE3 2.3.3 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.BUKE1 2.3.3 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.BUKE4 2.3.3 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.BUKG2 2.3.3 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.BVKE2 2.3.3 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.XWKE7 2.3.3 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.BVKH1 2.3.3 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.BGKF3 2.3.3 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.BVKG2 2.3.3 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.JPKG2 2.3.3 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.AIKE1 2.3.3 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.UHKG7 2.3.4 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.XXKH3 2.3.4 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.XWKI4 2.3.4 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.XXKG5 2.3.4 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.XWKJ2 2.3.5 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.BGKJ3 2.3.5 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.JPKJ2 2.3.5 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.XXKI3 2.3.5 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.XWKJ3 2.3.5 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.XWKI8 2.3.5 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.XWKJ1 2.3.5 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 GINGERBREAD.BUKJ3 2.3.5 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100 IML74K.BULPD 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IML74K.XWLPG 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IML74K.ZSLPG 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 ICS.XXKPA 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IML74K.XXLPQ 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IML74K.BVLPB 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IML74K.XWLPD 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IML74K.XXLPH 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IML74K.JPLPC 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IML74K.XWLPI 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IML74K.VJLP8 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IML74K 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IML74K.JPLPF 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IML74K.XWLP7 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IML74K.DXLPB 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IML74K.XXLPJ 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IML74K.XXLPB 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IMM76D.XXLQB 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IMM76D.DXLPF 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IMM76D.XWLPT 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IMM76D.JHLPC 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IMM76D.BOLPM 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IMM76D.XWLPW 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IMM76D.XWLQ2 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IMM76D.JPLPJ 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IMM76D.BULPG 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IMM76D.JPLPH 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IMM76D.XWLPO 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 IMM76D.BVLPH 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 JZO54K.I9100XWLSD 4.1.2 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 JZO54K.I9100XXLSJ 4.1.2 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100 JZO54K.I9100XWLS8 4.1.2 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100G GINGERBREAD.JPKH8 2.3.4 omap4
samsung GT-I9100G GINGERBREAD.ZQKJ6 2.3.6 omap4
samsung GT-I9100G IML74K.JPLP6 4.0.3 omap4
samsung GT-I9100G IML74K.DXLP6 4.0.3 omap4
samsung GT-I9100G IML74K.XXLPN 4.0.3 omap4
samsung GT-I9100G IMM76D.JPLP9 4.0.4 omap4
samsung GT-I9100G IMM76D.JPLPB 4.0.4 omap4
samsung GT-I9100M GINGERBREAD.UGKG2 2.3.3 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100P GINGERBREAD.BVKI3 2.3.4 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100P GINGERBREAD.XXKJ4 2.3.5 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100P IML74K.XXLPS 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100P IML74K.BVLP6 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100P IML74K.XXLPP 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100P IML74K.BVLPA 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100P IML74K.BVLP8 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100P IMM76D.BVLPC 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100P IMM76D.BGLP4 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100P IMM76D.XXLQ8 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100T GINGERBREAD.DUKJ1 2.3.5 s5pc210
samsung GT-I9100T IML74K.DOLP7 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100T IML74K.DULP9 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9100T IML74K.DULPB 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-I9228 IMM76D.ZMLH2 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 IMM76D.I9300XXALE8 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 IMM76D.I9300BUALE6 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 IMM76D.I9300XXALF6 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 IMM76D.I9300BVALF4 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 IMM76D.I9300BUBLG3 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 IMM76D.I9300BVBLG2 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 IMM76D.I9300JKBLH3 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 IMM76D.I9300XXALEF 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 IMM76D.I9300XXBLH1 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 IMM76D.I9300XXBLH3 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 IMM76D.I9300XXXLE3 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 IMM76D.I9300XXBLG8 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 IMM76D.I9300XXALF2 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 IMM76D.I9300ZSALG3 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 IMM76D.I9300BVALE4 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 IMM76D.I9300XXBLFB 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 IMM76D.I9300BVBLH2 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 IMM76D.I9300XXALF5 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 IMM76D.I9300BUALF1 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 IMM76D.I9300XXALE9 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 JRO03C.I9300XXDLJ4 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 JRO03C.I9300XXDLI5 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 JRO03C.I9300UBDLJ1 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 JRO03C.I9300XXDLJ1 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 JRO03C.I9300XXDLIH 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 JRO03C.I9300XXDLJ2 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 JRO03C.I9300UBDLJ2 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 JRO03C.I9300XXDLI2 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 JRO03C.I9300XXDLIB 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 JZO54K.I9300XXELK4 4.1.2 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 JZO54K.I9300XXELL4 4.1.2 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 JZO54K.I9300XXEMA2 4.1.2 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 JZO54K.I9300XXELLB 4.1.2 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 JZO54K.I9300XXELL1 4.1.2 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 JZO54K.I9300XXELL5 4.1.2 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300 JZO54K.I9300XXELKC 4.1.2 exynos4
samsung GT-I9300T IMM76D.I9300TDUBLH1 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-I9305 JRO03C.I9305XXALK5 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-I9305 JRO03C.I9305XXALI5 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-I9305 JRO03C.I9305ZHALI7 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-N7000 GINGERBREAD.XXKJ4 2.3.5 s5pc210
samsung GT-N7000 GINGERBREAD.JPKJ4 2.3.5 s5pc210
samsung GT-N7000 GINGERBREAD.XXKJ1 2.3.5 s5pc210
samsung GT-N7000 GINGERBREAD.JPKK2 2.3.6 s5pc210
samsung GT-N7000 GINGERBREAD.XBKK4 2.3.6 s5pc210
samsung GT-N7000 GINGERBREAD.XXLA6 2.3.6 s5pc210
samsung GT-N7000 GINGERBREAD.DDLC1 2.3.6 s5pc210
samsung GT-N7000 GINGERBREAD.ZSKK1 2.3.6 s5pc210
samsung GT-N7000 IML74K.DDLP8 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-N7000 IML74K.XXLQ3 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-N7000 IML74K.JPLPD 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-N7000 IML74K.ZSLPF 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-N7000 IML74K.XXLQ2 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-N7000 IML74K.XXLPY 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-N7000 IML74K.DXLP9 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung GT-N7000 IMM76D.JPLR8 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-N7000 IMM76D.XXLRL 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-N7000 IMM76D.XXLRI 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-N7000 IMM76D.DXLR5 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-N7000 IMM76D.UBLR3 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-N7000 IMM76D.DDLRB 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-N7000 JRO03C.N7000XXLS2 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-N7000 JZO54K.N7000UBLS4 4.1.2 exynos4
samsung GT-N7000 JZO54K.N7000XXLSA 4.1.2 exynos4
samsung GT-N7000B IMM76D.DVLR4 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-N7100 JRO03C.N7100ZSALJ2 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-N7100 JRO03C.N7100XXALIJ 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-N7100 JRO03C.N7100XXALJ3 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-N7100 JRO03C.N7100XXALJ1 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-N7100 JRO03C.N7100UBALJ2 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-N7100 JRO03C.N7100ZSALIA 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-N7100 IMM76D.N7100XXBLFB 4.1.1
samsung GT-N7100 JRO03C.N7100ZSALJA 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-N7100 JZO54K.N7100XXDLL4 4.1.2 exynos4
samsung GT-N7100T JRO03C.N7100TDOALJ4 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-N7105 JRO03C.N7105XXALIJ 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-N7105 JZO54K.N7105XXDLL1 4.1.2 exynos4
samsung GT-N7105T JRO03C.N7105TDVALK3 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung GT-N8000 IMM76D.N8000XWALI4 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-P1000 FROYO.BVJM8 2.2 s5pc110
samsung GT-P1000 FROYO.XXJIE 2.2 s5pc110
samsung GT-P1000 FROYO.XXJMA 2.2 s5pc110
samsung GT-P1000 FROYO.BUJI4 2.2 s5pc110
samsung GT-P1000 FROYO.XWJJ7 2.2 s5pc110
samsung GT-P1000 GINGERBREAD.DXJPI 2.3.3 s5pc110
samsung GT-P1000 GINGERBREAD.XWJQ8 2.3.6 s5pc110
samsung GT-P3100 IML74K.P3100BUALD5 4.0.3 omap4
samsung GT-P3100 IML74K.P3100UBALD4 4.0.3 omap4
samsung GT-P3100 IMM76D.P3100DDBLH3 4.0.4 omap4
samsung GT-P5100 IML74K.P5100XWALE2 4.0.3 omap4
samsung GT-P5100 IML74K.P5100BUALD5 4.0.3 omap4
samsung GT-P5100 IML74K.P5100XWALD7 4.0.3 omap4
samsung GT-P6200 HTJ85B 3.2 s5pc210
samsung GT-P6200 IMM76D.DDLP5 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-P6200L IMM76D.VJLP5 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-P6201 IMM76D.XXLPC 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung GT-P7300 HMJ37 3.1 tegra
samsung GT-P7300 HTJ85B 3.2 tegra
samsung GT-P7300 IMM76D.XXLQ6 4.0.4 tegra
samsung GT-P7500 IMM76D.BULP5 4.0.4 tegra
samsung GT-P7500 IMM76D.XXLQ8 4.0.4 tegra
samsung GT-P7500R IMM76D.RUXLH2 4.0.4 tegra
samsung GT-P7510 IMM76D.UELPL 4.0.4 tegra
samsung GT-P7510 IMM76D.XXLPH 4.0.4 tegra
samsung GT-S5300 GINGERBREAD.XXLJ1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5300 GINGERBREAD.DXLF2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5300 GINGERBREAD.DXLC5 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5300 GINGERBREAD.XXLD4 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5300 GINGERBREAD.XXLH2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5300 GINGERBREAD.DXLC6 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5300 GINGERBREAD.XXLD2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5300 GINGERBREAD.JPLF3 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5300 GINGERBREAD.JPLC5 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5300 GINGERBREAD.XXLC8 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5300 GINGERBREAD.XXLF4 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5300 GINGERBREAD.XXLJ4 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5300L GINGERBREAD.UBLG1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5302 GINGERBREAD.JPLH1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5302 GINGERBREAD.DDLJ2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5302 GINGERBREAD.JPLH2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5302B GINGERBREAD.VJLH2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.DXKI7 2.3.5 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.BOKJ1 2.3.5 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.XXKI9 2.3.5 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.XXKI6 2.3.5 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.DXKK4 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.XXKL3 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.DXLF2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.XXLA4 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.XXLF1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.DXLA1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.XXLI1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.DDLA3 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.XXLE2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.BOLH1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.XLLG2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.DXLE1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.JPLC1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.XXLA2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.DXKL2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.JPLG1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.ZCKK1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 error: device not found 2.3.6 error: device not found
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.XXKK6 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.JPLA1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.XXKJ1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.DXLJ1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.BOLC1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.ZCKK2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.DXKJ3 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.JPLE1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360 GINGERBREAD.XXLH2 2.3.6 error: device not found
samsung GT-S5360B GINGERBREAD.UTLE1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360L GINGERBREAD.VSKJ1 2.3.5 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360L GINGERBREAD.UHLA1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360L GINGERBREAD.UHLF1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360L GINGERBREAD.UHKJ2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360L GINGERBREAD.UHKL1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5360T GINGERBREAD.AJKK3 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5363 GINGERBREAD.XXKI7 2.3.5 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5363 GINGERBREAD.XXLF2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5363 GINGERBREAD.XXLC1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5363 GINGERBREAD.XXKK3 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5369 GINGERBREAD.BULA1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5369 GINGERBREAD.BULF2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5369 GINGERBREAD.BULH1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5369 GINGERBREAD.BVLC3 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5369 GINGERBREAD.BVLF1 2.3.6 bcm21553
Samsung GT-S5570 FROYO.JPKA3 2.2.1 msm7k
samsung GT-S5570 FROYO.XWKC1 2.2.1 msm7k
samsung GT-S5570 GINGERBREAD.XWKQG 2.3.4 msm7k
samsung GT-S5570 GINGERBREAD.BVKQ4 2.3.4 msm7k
samsung GT-S5570 GINGERBREAD.JPKS1 2.3.5 msm7k
samsung GT-S5570 GINGERBREAD.JVKT1 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung GT-S5570 GINGERBREAD.JPKT2 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung GT-S5570 GINGERBREAD.XXKS4 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung GT-S5570 GINGERBREAD.XIKT1 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung GT-S5570I GINGERBREAD.BGLB1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5570I GINGERBREAD.IXXLK1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5570I GINGERBREAD.IXXLI3 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5570I GINGERBREAD.IXXLK2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5570I GINGERBREAD.JPLF1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5570I GINGERBREAD.JPLC2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5570I GINGERBREAD.JPLC1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5570I IXXKL4.HEBREW 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5570I GINGERBREAD.IXXLD6 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5570I GINGERBREAD.JPKL3 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5570I GINGERBREAD.BGLH1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5660 FROYO.XXKC4 2.2.1 msm7k
samsung GT-S5660 GINGERBREAD.XXKTK 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung GT-S5660 GINGERBREAD.ZSLT5 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung GT-S5660 GINGERBREAD.JPKT7 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung GT-S5660M GINGERBREAD.MUGKG3 2.3.4 msm7k
samsung GT-S5670 GINGERBREAD.JPKT4 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung GT-S5670 GINGERBREAD.XXKPY 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung GT-S5690 GINGERBREAD.BVLF2 2.3.6 marvell
samsung GT-S5690 GINGERBREAD.XXLK3 2.3.6 marvell
samsung GT-S5690 GINGERBREAD.XXKL3 2.3.6 marvell
samsung GT-S5690 GINGERBREAD.BVLD1 2.3.6 marvell
samsung GT-S5690 GINGERBREAD.XXLA1 2.3.6 marvell
samsung GT-S5690 GINGERBREAD.XXLC1 2.3.6 marvell
samsung GT-S5690L GINGERBREAD.UBLE4 2.3.6 marvell
samsung GT-S5830 FROYO.POKC1 2.2.1 error: device not found
Samsung GT-S5830 FROYO.BUKA7 2.2.1 msm7k
samsung GT-S5830 GINGERBREAD.JPKP9 2.3.3 msm7k
samsung GT-S5830 GINGERBREAD.XWKPT 2.3.3 msm7k
samsung GT-S5830 GINGERBREAD.XWKPY 2.3.3 msm7k
samsung GT-S5830 GINGERBREAD.DDKQ6 2.3.4 msm7k
samsung GT-S5830 GINGERBREAD.BVKQ9 2.3.4 msm7k
samsung GT-S5830 GINGERBREAD.XXKPO 2.3.5 msm7k
samsung GT-S5830 GINGERBREAD.JPKS2 2.3.5 msm7k
samsung GT-S5830 GINGERBREAD.XWKS9 2.3.5 msm7k
samsung GT-S5830 GINGERBREAD.BUKS2 2.3.5 msm7k
samsung GT-S5830 GINGERBREAD.XWKT7 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung GT-S5830 GINGERBREAD.DDKQ8 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung GT-S5830 GINGERBREAD.XXKPT 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung GT-S5830 GINGERBREAD.DXKT5 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung GT-S5830 GINGERBREAD.DXKT7 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung GT-S5830C GINGERBREAD.VJLB3-DeoDex-RB 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830C GINGERBREAD.VJLK4 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830C GINGERBREAD.VJLB3 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830D GINGERBREAD.DTLKI4 2.3.4 msm7k
samsung GT-S5830i GINGERBREAD.DXLK1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830i GINGERBREAD.XXLA4 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830i GINGERBREAD.ZSLA3 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830i GINGERBREAD.XXLA2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830i GINGERBREAD.JPLA2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830i GINGERBREAD.XXLE3 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830i GINGERBREAD.JPLK1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830i GINGERBREAD.XXLB1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830i GINGERBREAD.XXKL1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830i GINGERBREAD.BGLB3 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830i GINGERBREAD.XXLH3 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830i GINGERBREAD.JPLB1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830i GINGERBREAD.XXLH2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830i GINGERBREAD.XXLD3 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830i GINGERBREAD.XXLI1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830i GINGERBREAD.XXLF3 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830i RazoDroiD v2.5_by_rishee 2.3.6(RazoDroiD) bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830L FROYO.UBKF1 2.2.2 msm7k
samsung GT-S5830L GINGERBREAD.UBKP7 2.3.4 msm7k
samsung GT-S5830L GINGERBREAD.UBKPL 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung GT-S5830M GINGERBREAD.WHKL4 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830M GINGERBREAD.WHLA1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830M GINGERBREAD.WHLE2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830M GINGERBREAD.WHLF2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5830T GINGERBREAD.DVKQ3 2.3.4 msm7k
samsung GT-S5830T GINGERBREAD.DCKT6 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung GT-S5839i GINGERBREAD.XXLD2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5839i GINGERBREAD.BOLG1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5839i GINGERBREAD.XXLK2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5839i GINGERBREAD.BULL1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5839i GINGERBREAD.BVLD3 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5839i GINGERBREAD.XXLH1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5839i GINGERBREAD.BVLK2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5839i GINGERBREAD.XXLD4 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5839i GINGERBREAD.BULC1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5839i GINGERBREAD.BULI1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5839i GINGERBREAD.BVLH1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S5839i Good 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S6102 GINGERBREAD.JPLE2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S6102 GINGERBREAD.DXLL1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S6102 GINGERBREAD.DDLG1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S6102 GINGERBREAD.JPLE1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S6102 GINGERBREAD.JPLF2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S6102 GINGERBREAD.JPLC3 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S6102 GINGERBREAD.XXLH1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S6102 GINGERBREAD.DXLK2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S6102 GINGERBREAD.DDLJ1 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S6802 GINGERBREAD.JPLI2 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S6802 GINGERBREAD.DDLE6 2.3.6 bcm21553
samsung GT-S7562 IMM76I.S7562XXALHD 4.0.4 msm7627a
samsung ISW11SC IMM76D.KDLPL 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung Nexus S GRI54 2.3.3 s5pc110
samsung Nexus S GRJ22 2.3.4 s5pc110
samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 IMM76D.I747UCALH9 4.0.4 msm8960
samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 IMM76D.I747UCALI5 4.0.4 msm8960
samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 I747UCALEM_R1 4.0.4 msm8960
samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 IMM76D.I747UCALG1 4.0.4 msm8960
samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I777 GINGERBREAD.UCKH7 2.3.4 s5pc210
samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I777 IML74K.CLE5 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I777 IMM76D.CLK3 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I896 ECLAIR 2.1-update1 s5pc110
samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 ECLAIR 2.1-update1 s5pc110
samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 FROYO.UCKB1 2.2 s5pc110
samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I927R GINGERBREAD.RUXKJ5 2.3.5 tegra
Samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I997 FROYO.UCKE3 2.2.1 s5pc110
samsung SC-01C FROYO.OMJK2 2.2 s5pc110
samsung SC-01C GINGERBREAD.OMKE2 2.3.3 s5pc110
samsung SC-01D IMM76D.OMLPH 4.0.4 msm8660
samsung SC-02C GINGERBREAD.OMLE1 2.3.6 s5pc210
samsung SC-02C IML74K.OMLPL 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung SC-06D IMM76D.SC06DOMALK2 4.0.4 msm8960
samsung SCH-I415 IMM76D.I415VRALJ2 4.0.4 msm8960
samsung SCH-i509 GINGERBREAD.FE23 2.3.6 msm7k
samsung SCH-I535 IMM76D.I535VRALHE 4.0.4 msm8960
samsung SCH-I535 JRO03L.I535VRBLK3 4.1.1 msm8960
samsung SCH-N719 JRO03C.N719KEALK8 4.1.1 exynos4
samsung SGH-I927 IMM76D 4.0.4 tegra
Samsung SGH-T499 FROYO.UVKE4 2.2.2 msm7k
Samsung SGH-T589 FROYO.UVKF1 2.2.2 msm7k
Samsung SGH-T589R FROYO.UZKG2 2.2.2 msm7k
samsung SGH-T859 IMM76D.VLH6 4.0.4 tegra
samsung SGH-T879 IMM76D.UVLG3 4.0.4 msm8660
Samsung SGH-T959 ECLAIR 2.1-update1 s5pc110
Samsung SGH-T959 FROYO.UVKB5 2.2 s5pc110
Samsung SGH-T959V FROYO.VUVKD1 2.2.1 s5pc110
Samsung SGH-T959V FROYO.VUVKC1 2.2.1 s5pc110
samsung SGH-T959V GINGERBREAD.VUVKJ6 2.3.6 s5pc110
samsung SGH-T989 GINGERBREAD.UVKID 2.3.5 msm8660
samsung SGH-T999 IMM76D.T999UVALH2 4.0.4 msm8960
samsung SGH-T999 JRO03L.T999UVDLJA 4.1.1 msm8960
samsung SHV-E110S GINGERBREAD.EJ01 2.3.5 msm8660
samsung SHV-E120S IML74K.UE11 4.0.3 msm8660
samsung SHV-E160K IML74K.UF13 4.0.3 msm8660
samsung SHV-E250S JZO54K.E250SKSVLL2 4.1.2 exynos4
samsung SHW-M110S FROYO.TC22 2.2.1 s5pc110
samsung SHW-M110S FROYO.TB23 2.2.1 s5pc110
samsung SHW-M110S FROYO.SL28 2.2.1 s5pc110
samsung SHW-M240S GINGERBREAD.TG18 2.3.4 msm7k
samsung SHW-M250K IMM76D.UH17 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung SHW-M250S GINGERBREAD.EG14 2.3.4 s5pc210
samsung SHW-M250S IML74K.UE21 4.0.3 exynos4
samsung SHW-M250S IMM76D.UG26 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung SHW-M250S IMM76D.UH07 4.0.4 exynos4
samsung YP-G1 FROYO.JPKE1 2.2.2 s5pc110
Sony C1605 11.1.A.0.64 4.0.4 msm7627a
Sony Ericsson E10i 2.1.1.A.0.6 2.1-update1 msm7k
Sony Ericsson E15i 1.3.A.0.50 1.6
Sony Ericsson E15i 2.1.1.A.0.6 2.1-update1 msm7k
Sony Ericsson E15i 2.0.1.A.0.47 2.1-update1 msm7k
Sony Ericsson LT15i 4.0.2.A.0.62 2.3.4 msm7x30
Sony Ericsson LT18i 4.0.2.A.0.62 2.3.4 msm7x30
Sony Ericsson LT18i 4.0.2.A.0.42 2.3.4 msm7x30
Sony Ericsson LT26i 6.1.A.0.452 4.0.4 msm8660
Sony Ericsson MT11i 4.1.B.0.587 4.0.4 msm7x30
Sony Ericsson MT25i 4.1.B.0.631 4.0.4 msm7x30
Sony Ericsson R800a 4.0.2.A.0.42 2.3.4 msm7x30
Sony Ericsson R800at 3.0.1.B.0.270 2.3.3 msm7x30
Sony Ericsson R800i 4.0.2.A.0.58 2.3.4 msm7x30
Sony Ericsson U20i 2.1.1.C.0.0 2.1-update1 msm7k
Sony Ericsson WT19i 4.0.2.A.0.58 2.3.4 msm7x30
Sony Ericsson WT19i 4.0.2.A.0.42 2.3.4 msm7x30
Sony Ericsson X10i 2.1.1.A.0.6 2.1-update1 qsd8k
Sony Ericsson X10i 3.0.1.G.0.75 2.3.3 qsd8k
TCT ALCATEL_one_touch_995 IceCreamSandwich 4.0.4 msm7630_surf
TCT moche smart a8 ALPS.GB.JRD2.SP.V2 2.3.6
TCT Vodafone Smart II GINGERBREAD 2.3.7 bcm21553
unknown A13MID nuclear_rzx-eng 4.0.4 IMM76D 20120801 test-keys 4.0.4 exDroid
unknown AN7BG3 V1.0.14.IML74K.eng.root.20120428.193107 4.0.3 rockchip
unknown Android ALPS.10Y.W10.48.MP.V2.03.P9 2.2.1
unknown GT-I9100 ALPS.GB.FDD2.MP.V3.14 2.3.6
unknown JXD S7600 S7600-01-20120423CN 4.0.3 exDroid
unknown Micromax P350 MMX_P350_HW.V0.1_V1.0.15_1101 4.0.3 exDroid
unknown MID7032 20121210.090024 4.0.4 exDroid
unknown MID7042 20120608.160146 4.0.3 exDroid
unknown Penta WS702C Penta WS702C 20120907 4.0.3 exDroid
unknown PMP5197DULTRA PMP5197DULTRA-eng 4.0.3 IML74K 20120928 test-keys 4.0.3 exDroid
unknown Q39 nuclear_evb-eng 4.0.4 IMM76D 20120825 4.0.4 exDroid
unknown RMD-721 mid-eng 4.1.1 JRO03C 20121102 test-keys 4.1.1 exDroid
unknown S100 TBW592241_8572_V000022 4.0.4 msm7627a
unknown s818_hzt ALPS.GB.FDD2.MP.V4.23 2.3.6
unknown w880m3 mt73_w830_w880m3_hrx_user 20110923-215326 2.3.4 MT73_W830
unknown Yummy Duo Yummy Duo A 20120509-105122 2.3.5 MT73_W699_V3
WonderMedia WM8850-mid WonderMedia-MID-_121112.1057 4.0.3 wmt
YuLong CoolPad8026 GWK74 2.3.7 ttd
ZTE T3020 T3020 T03 2.1-update1 msm7k

on 14 February 2013 SRSRoot supports 651 Android versions for One-Click Root

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