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McAfee Encrypted USB Manager 3.1.2


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McAfee Encrypted USB Manager 3.1.2

Post by wawan_berau on Sun Apr 19, 2009 11:02 pm

McAfee Encrypted USB Manager 3.1.2

USB drives are small, portable, and provide incredible amounts of storage space. They’re a dream for users—but a security nightmare for IT staff. McAfee Encrypted USB offers data protection in the form of powerful encryption technology combined with strong access controls, so that only authorized users can read the information stored on USB drives.
Convenient and easy to use, USB flash memory or ‘thumb’ drives are an increasingly popular means of storing and transporting data. Lose one, however, and anyone can access the files they contain unless you routinely encrypt or make other arrangements to protect them. McAfee takes care of most of this for you with its family of secure USB storage devices (previously from SafeBoot) offering built-in data access and encryption facilities.

There are several different products to choose from, McAfee sending us three, starting with the Standard drive (from ?18 VAT for 128MB), which uses simple passwords to control access, with each user allotted their own private, AES-encrypted partition.
For those wanting a little bit more, the Encrypted USB Phantom drive (from ?100 VAT for a 1GB device) adds a built-in fingerprint scanner for secure two-factor authentication. Meanwhile the mIDentity implementation (from ?141 VAT for 1GB) uses a smartcard and a PIN code to more securely store user credentials and can also be used for remote VPN authentication.


* Centralized management with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator® (ePO™)
Extend company-wide security policies to USB drives, ensuring data stored on these devices is protected if they are lost or stolen. Initialize any McAfee Encrypted USB device simply by plugging the device into any McAfee ePO-managed machine with its unique “no-touch” initialization capabilities.
* Standard driverless secure USB flash storage
Protect sensitive information on McAfee Encrypted USB storage devices wherever it travels with built-in strong user access controls and data encryption
* Fast transfer speeds and "on-the-fly" encryption
Supports fast USB 2.0 transfer speeds; data is encrypted "on-the-fly," with no special training required by the end user
* Driverless zero footprint technology
Gain maximum flexibility with encrypted USB storage devices that feature no client footprint; no software installation or administrator's rights are needed
* Two-factor authentication
Require employees to use a password and a second form of identification, such as a fingerprint, to access their data on encrypted USB storage devices; a maximum number of authentication retries may be set to counter brute-force attacks
* Secure token services
Keep identities secure while enabling McAfee Encrypted USB storage devices to provide corporate and personal credential validation and protection
* Extensive auditing capabilities
Demonstrate compliance with industry and government regulations and prove that the device was encrypted at the time of a loss with extensive auditing capabilities.
* Install and run applications directly and securely from the USB device
Allow users to conveniently and securely run applications wherever they go



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