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ANDROID Useful Information

Firmware: Phone in the complete software system. So Android. Alabilir.büt by brand and model names programmatically different coding structure firmware updates and fixes on the firmware on the actual interests. Firmware can say that the actual root structure.

ROM: put you in the same league with the firmware actually is not exactly the same with him. To put it mathematically Firmware> Rum is. We were at the root structure for firmware, rom this root structure and customize them according to user settings for software that includes additional software and can say that. Google Android firmware samsung after giving develop, samsung device, and install it in the stock market offers produce rum.

STOCK ROM: Software manufacturer that produces Google's device firmware version customized according to their own devices by the manufacturers.

CUSTOM ROM: The manufacturer has launched the stock ROM, developers by users on the performance and visual changes for the modified version contains.

ROOT: "Root" received the word is actually the basis for android comes from the linux world, and refers to authorized users in linux system. Also provide root access to your phone ("getting root", "rooting") using the modified operating system that you "root" user to give the rights, so the system is to grant full control over. This system water (superuser) program by installing to programs that request this authority by allowing performs. This way on your phone from unnecessary programs get rid of the hold, the hosts file change, or even your phone to another ROM load up without being root you can not do a lot of process to make provide.

KERNEL: between hardware and the operating system that controls and building work.

Wipe: Roughly means delete. in places where you see this term transactions in the system settings and user data is deleted.

Wipe data / factory reset: Recovery is one of the options. Everything except the part when applied SD card is reset.

Wipe CACHE Partition: When applied, the cleaning of temporary files created during installation allows. user data (contacts, etc.). deleted. such as cleaning of the temp file is located on your computer.

Wipe Dalvik CACHE: the applications in the system used to clear debris. In the opening issue that occurs after the installation of the ROM is recommended. CWM Recovery is located in the advanced menu.

NON - Wipe: System settings and user data are making changes to the software.

RECOVERY: Roughly recovery means.

DOWNLOAD MOD: device firmware used to load the files within the structure mode of operation.

RECOVERY MODE: Device mode of operation for rescue in difficult situations. reset option within a few are given this name because it is.

USB Debugging: USB debugging mode.

CUSTOM BINARY COUNTER (Rom Counter): not original firmware, install custom ROMs and kernels in each of the first counter is increasing. You can see the download mode is entered.

CSC (Consumer Software Customization): operators specific to a particular geographic region or specific to the operator in the software APN, MMS and other settings are available.

DEEP SLEEP: The phone's battery saving sleep mode after a short time to go into sleep mode is deep. In the meantime, several units can be switched off temporarily is disabled.

BLN: Description (Back Light Notification) is. Normally, a feature not available in android device after arriving call or message alert feature added is the function which does not appear.

Bootloader: After you turn on your phone operating system kernel to launch i-inspiring and her little applets that order. Is installed on the boot partition. This program can not be started if the boot is damaged portion and the phone will not give any response. Jtag boot with applications and hardware installation must be done.

Baseband (baseband): phone network connections that control and regulate its own processor works in conjunction with a chip in the hardware parçası.telefo Settings / About phone section baseband version to the part.

INTERNAL SD: (SDCARD) within the phone memory, the storage area in the chip. When entered into the file manager is called sdcard.

EXTERNAL SD: External inserted memory card is the name that appears from the file manager on the phone.

PUSH: Expansion (to push) command: Emulator or a connected device is the command used to copy files and directories.

PULL: Description (attract) command: emulator or connected device is used to copy a file or directory is the command. Opposite of the push command.

HALF-Brick Brick Brick: With the phone or does not open at all, or where there is GALAXY S logo screen flickers with short periods of mold is installed.

HALF-BRICK: PC on the screen of the phone -! - PHONE shaped oppositely facing screen icons are shown. In both cases, if the three key if you are running the recovery fashion phone, try inserting cleaning path or enter download mode again via Odin software installation .you can get download mode with USB JIG ..

J-TAG / JTAG: Expansion (Joint Test Action Group / Joint Test Action Group) 'stop. Mobile devices, modems, etc.. Situated on the micro-device JTAG pins on the motherboard by connecting, flash memory, EPROM, ROM or processor without removing the information contained in wiping reloading, thus allowing the device is reprogrammed. 11491 IEEE Standard Test Access Point and Boundary-Search is the common name of this term. Originally invented for boundary scan and print-circuit test if it is still widely used for this application.

ADB (ADB Shell): Description (Android Debug Bridge) mean. They use those who develop applications for Android in the Android SDK platform located at a command prompt. The same as in Windows CMD. Android SDK command prompt tool that connected to the PC with Android-based tablet and / or to make transactions on the phone (file / directory to copy the file / directory to install, install the application, delete, etc..) Possible. It only uses Android Developer, because they develop applications that will occur when you install / see errors and extract (Debugging) want.

AOSP: Description (Android Open Source Project) and which can be translated as Android Open Source Project of andro 'forming the base of religion is the abbreviated term. Mainly to base any android version of the source code produced and distributed ROMs are used to define and miui and cyanogen can be shown as an example.

AOKP: Description (Android Open Kang Project) abbreviation. AOSP-based AOKP customization and add-ons with the direction that is noteworthy. AOKP ROM fine except the new added features and customizations in stock Android experience offers proximity ROM.


CyanogenMod: CyanogenMod, AOSP-based ROM is pure. You can see it a lot of work with the base ROM CyanogenMod has been ported.

GAPPS: Description (Google Apps) 'tr. At some custom AOSP ROMs including use rights to prevent boredom and open source codes do not belong to google apps in ROM are removed. Created for the user in mind the lack of facilities are offered added later. This package name is called briefly GAPPS. zip extension and is loaded with CWM Recovery.

TABLET MODE: Galaxy Note model into our lives, we met with the term tablet mode, the device reduced the dpi value applications and operating system features found in tablets in the phone allows us to use is the mode. notification bar, application-menu views, home screen layout, page transitions, and properties such as visible as it is used in tablets.

Odexed: odex files in this mode works together with the apk files. This odex file is loaded into memory during the opening of the phone and when applications start up quickly jump into action immediately provide part of the installation. This system changes to be made in both files have to be done more. So personalized and editing is more troublesome. Phones that came in and officially removed all firmware s odexed are found. Odexed - opening the device is slower-application of the opening is relatively faster than-Memory usage is more-more space-Organization and personalization.

Deodexed: In this system, removing odex files into their functions were transferred to the apk file. At the opening than the other are slower but personalized can and rearrangements are more simple. Deodexed - opening the device relatively faster - Application of the opening is slower - Memory usage is less - less space - Editing and customization is easy.

BETA VERSION : Beta version before the final version of a program is called to the released version. They usually find errors and to reduce versions are made. If Beta 1, Beta 2 version such as names if you see, remember, they most often contain errors versions are.professional and very broad in software Beta level after the rc starts . So the product is RTM candidate before the final version of the product now means Release To Manufacture, so now it's gone to the finished product and production are available.

GPU: Description (Graphic Processing Unit) Graphics Processing place instantaneously Aninamor revenue has been committed. Graphics rendering is a processor for our phone or computer so we can say that our video card.

CPU: Description (Central Processing Unit) Central Processing .cp (processor) is defined as the brain of your phone all the processes by CPU processing capability and speed .telefone completely depends on the ability and speed of the processor.

RESOLUTION: Description (Resolution) technology, the quality of the image is the unit of measurement. 400x240, 854x480, 320x240, 800x480, 1024x768 screen resolution, shows the number of pixels that make up an image of your phone screen rises proportionally higher image quality.

Nandroid BACKUP: Android Operating System SD card taking backup copy is the name given to the process.

NFC: Description (Near Field Communication) Near Field Communication NFC, Nokia, Sony and NXP 's in 2004 that combines together a contactless communication standard. NFC technology, credit cards, debit cards, access cards, membership cards and corporate cards and input -output cards as well as applications that contactless / wireless powered smart cards with these technologies to compatible mobile phones, handheld computers to integrate and these mobile phones depending on the application (for example, the POS device) products and the people by bringing by contacting the work is.

CRT EFFECT: opening and closing of the Phone screen in the middle like the TV tube is a kind of visual closure.

SAR value: Expansion (Specific absorbation Rate) which was the amount of radiation emitted by mobile phones is called. So the electromagnetic energy absorbed by the body is.use express the mobile phone is a radio transmitter and receiver. Thus to avoid exposure to radio ripple must be manufactured according to a certain standard space.

CF-ROOT KERNEL: CF-Root .chainfir by a kind person has prepared a special kernel file to the phone using odin flasher is applied. This kernel phone with superuser (root) application is also installed CWM outside. In this application, kernel, rom, root, etc.. related to various advanced settings and tools are located. In addition to the default recovery mode, adding new and advanced options and more control is installed CWM Recovery mode is provided. This kernel will be loaded automatically when the rootl been. Other root is the same. There is a difference between them.

CWM RECOVERY: CWM Recovery installed with CF-Root kernel as a separate download on the rootsuz phones without root privileges. CWM Recovery, the difference from the normal recovery mode, with more functionality and is more advanced. From this menu system, sdcard, MMC format, restore factory settings, the application is now clean, install custom ROM installation zip files etc modified. operations can be performed.

EFSA: Description (Encryption File System) in the phone belongs ---- IMEI, Wifi Mac Address, contains information such as the product code. Custom ROM firmware upload this folder and can be damaged during operations such as loading, deleted or modified.

Kies: Samsung's computer is the official program that allows you to reach the established phone.

Odin: An unofficial ROM installation program.

Official Firmware: Official Firmware.

Unofficial Firmware: Firmware unofficial.

JIG: Download mode, enter the key combination and install ROM is used to reset the counter tiny USB device.

GOOGLE PLAY: formal and informal resources that are available as applications and games available.

SAMFİRMWAR SAMSUNG OFFICIAL SITES: No, the real Samfirmwar consistent with official Samsung ROM gave away in the early ROM publications in Beta stage. Also available in the original version of the ROM, you can install with confidence.

ANDROID: Google, Open Handset Alliance and developed by the free software community, the Linux-based mobile devices, and mobile phones are being developed for the open source mobile operating system.
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